We are pleased to inform you that due to restrictions lifted by the Government – Snooker can now be played! starting at the club from Monday 27th July (Members Only).

A booking system will be in place for both tables, for 1/2 hour sessions with the last game to be played 30 minutes before the closing time with players following the Cleaning Schedule below.

Can players please be aware that the seating in this area will be used as an overflow and members will be walking between the tables for access to the garden and smoking area.

All Snooker players to adhere to the following Cleaning Schedule designed to keep members safe:-

Each player to sanitise their hands before playing, and several times during each match, to comply with the general recommendations for reducing the levels of Covid virus.

Sanitisers are provided on each sanitising station by each snooker table.

Triangle and snooker balls to be wiped with a couple of sheets of blue paper roll that have been sprayed with the pink sanitiser spray provided.

Make sure triangle and snooker balls are dry before setting up on snooker table. Use only your own cue that has been cleaned using the same method as for the triangle and snooker balls.

Wipe the hard edges of the snooker table using the method described above, avoiding the green baize.

All used blue sheets to be disposed of in the bin provided. It is the responsibility of each player to sanitise hands and all equipment both before and after each match.

It is the responsibility of all players to maintain social distancing whilst playing. If close proximity is unavoidable it is suggested that players wear face masks to mitigate for not maintaining the recommended 2 meter distance.


West Devon Club Re-Opens Thursday 16th July

To all Fellow Members, we hope you and your family are well. We are really pleased to welcome you all back to the Club from 11am on Thursday 16th July.

Please see Revised Opening Times below:-

Day Evening
Monday Closed 5pm – 8pm
Tuesday Closed 5pm – 8pm
Wednesday 11am – 2pm 5pm – 8pm
Thursday 11am – 2pm 5pm – 8pm
Friday 11am – 2:30pm 5pm – 11pm
Saturday 11am – 3pm 5pm – 11pm
Sunday 12pm – 3pm 5pm – 8pm


The Club will be open in the initial couple of weeks for Drinks only, but from Wednesday 29th July, Lisa will open the Kitchen for lunches in the Club on Wednesday to Friday lunchtimes, and will maintain her take-away service for all other times. Please contact Lisa on 07855 940166 as bookings may be required in advance.

As you can appreciate this is a phased return to some sort of normality and Opening times and Kitchen times will be under constant review based on demand.

Lisa will send out a separate communique regarding the phased return of the Kitchen.

The world has changed since we were last able to use the Club and we have had to adopt and follow the guidance set out by the Government not only for your safety and comfort but also for our staff. 

Please familiarise yourself with the following information and new operational procedures at the West Devon Club, designed to keep members and staff safe in accordance with government guidelines and remember this is as new to our Staff as it will be to you.

  • Members only (initially temporary guests are not permitted into the Club)
  • Please carry your Membership card with you at all times 
  • When you enter and leave the Club please use the Sanitiser provided, Sanitiser stations will be dotted around the Club.
  • You will be met on arrival and shown to an available table. Seating is available in the main lounge area plus Dining room (initially), Bottom bar, Snooker room and the Garden when the weather permits. 
  • No standing or sitting at the Bar will be permitted.
  • Please observe all social distancing rules whilst in the Club or in the Garden area and be aware and follow all directional and information signage within the club. Current guidance is that Indoor gatherings are limited to members of any 2 households only, at each table, whilst outdoors, the same applies plus a group of up to 6 people from any number of households either seated at a table or standing. 
  • No standing is allowed inside the Club, you must remain seated except for comfort breaks. 
  • Table service will be provided and we will require all membership numbers plus one name and telephone no. per table for track and trace purposes.
  • Initially Plastic glasses will be in use but we will review this constantly in line with our hygiene regimes. 
  • Please use contactless payment methods where possible, although we will accept cash.
  • Toilets will be one in, one out where possible and please use Sanitiser provided when you enter and leave.
  • Gaming Machines, Snooker, Pool and Darts will be temporarily unavailable. This will be regularly reviewed in line with current guidance. 
  • Access to the Smokers area will be via the Lounge stairway and through the Snooker room to the exit door. Directional signs will be displayed.

Any member flouting these rules will be asked to leave the Club

PPE will be supplied to all staff and they will be trained in observing a strict code of hygiene to ensure both your safety and their safety. All Cleaning regimes will be highly visible within the Club. The Club will be cleaned after each shift as well as during shifts.

We want to make your time in the Club as enjoyable as we can given the restrictions we all have to face at this time and we will continue to do everything we can to make your time at the club, as relaxing, safe and clean as is possible. 

On behalf of the Committee and Staff we look forward to welcoming you back into the Club.